CSG Leverages Public Relations To Elevate A Leading Health Sciences Institution

The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USAHS), a leading graduate institution dedicated to educating the next generation of healthcare providers, turned to Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) for public relations and strategic marketing expertise.

Solving for USAHS’ Why

  • Attract prospective students and boost enrollment
  • Raise the influx of faculty and staff
  • Form new partnerships with clinical partners

USAHS Surges Into the Media Spotlight

CSG’s education industry experts recognized the wealth of distinctive expertise living within the walls of USAHS in the form of faculty members who were also working professionals and consistently demonstrating their expertise through research and other contributions in their respective fields. It’s with this recognition that CSG activated USAHS faculty members to serve as a megaphone for expressing the value that the university offers to students, communities and the healthcare industry.

With rich and ever-expanding expertise within USAHS, CSG narrowed in on three strategic guardrails to accomplish our overarching goals:

Prioritize coverage for the Occupational Therapy program to increase enrollment.

Coverage Optimization

Secure local coverage to raise awareness of campus locations among prospective students, faculty and clinical partners. 

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Position USAHS as a leading institution in all program disciplines with their interprofessional education approach.

With these strategic guardrails in focus, we activated proactive and reactive media relations. 

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Proactive Media Opportunities

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Reactive Media Opportunities

Comprehensive Media Coverage Meets Prospects Where They Are

As a result, CSG secured an abundance of media coverage spotlighting USAHS’ programs in top-tier media outlets – national consumer, local media and industry trades like healthcare and higher education – that directly aligned with our strategic guardrails.

CSG’s comprehensive higher education public relations expertise has been invaluable in meeting and exceeding the USAHS’ goals and objectives.

Program Focus: Occupational Therapy

Local Coverage

Aspirational Coverage Touting University Expertise

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