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Demonstrate your value, announce your company to the world, bring your thought leadership to life and educate prospective customers along the customer journey  — we’re a video marketing agency that does it all.

Why Does Video Marketing Matter?

Very often, marketing is a game of keeping up with the Joneses. If one brand makes a splash with a given strategy, others feel compelled to follow. But the challenge of differentiation and stickiness remains. The struggle for relevance in a sea of sameness finds brands flocking to anything that might help them stand apart from the crowd. This quest prompts many brands to work with a video marketing agency to offer a peek behind the curtain or otherwise put a face to the product. And for good reason. Video is an easy-to-consume, visual and memorable format that engages audiences like no other channel can. Put another way, for those who have a story to tell and an eye on strategic impact, video is the watchword.

90 % of customers say video helps them make purchasing decisions

82 % of consumer web traffic is estimated to stem from video

80 % increase in conversion rates upon including videos on a landing page

Our Approach

At Communications Strategy Group (CSG®), our video marketing services are an integrated part of our full-service creative Studio. Our writers and designers work in tandem with professional videographers and editors to deliver on-brand, sophisticated, creative video content. We believe that an integrated approach makes all the difference — the same team that brings content and design to life for our clients supports the creation of video assets that advance the business goals set forth by our strategic marketing teams.

As part of our dedication to deliberate, thoughtful marketing, we develop video marketing campaigns that maximize impact and minimize effort: 

  • Shoot Once, Use Many Times: When our team plans a shoot we plan coverage for the project at hand as well as future edits and cutdowns to ensure that the footage supports as many initiatives as possible.
  • Repurpose and Reframe: Our team always considers possibilities for the iteration and evolution of video assets. In this way, what begins as a testimonial or talking head video may be edited and reshaped into the framework of a video case study.
  • The Medium with Legs: Video is a content marketing investment unlike any other — it can be trimmed and edited and repackaged many, many times and shared on virtually any channel. While a standard published piece is quicker to develop and deploy, it might have a relatively short lifespan and support short-term goals. Video requires careful planning and upfront work, but results in an evergreen asset capable of serving short- and long-term goals.



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Video Marketing: One Tactic, Many Outcomes

Video is one of the most diverse and flexible marketing mediums around. To best support our clients and their goals, CSG develops both live-action and animated videos. We work with our clients to determine the most appropriate and impactful approach to a given goal or challenge. Our body of work ranges from short-form commercial to long-form educational content, and a fair bit of everything in between. The following illustrates just some of the types of videos our team can develop:

Testimonial and Case Studies

In marketing, education matters, but social proof matters even more. Testimonials and case studies present an opportunity to accomplish both. Typically presenting a mix of product visuals, statistics, and interviews or talking head footage, these videos highlight the value products and services have to offer — in the words of actual customers. 

Thought Leadership Interviews

Modern consumers like to understand the people and purpose behind the brands they support. Candid interviews with founders and leaders can shed light on a brand’s personality, values, mission and spirit.



During the NFL’s Big Game, ahead of a YouTube video or as an incentive to get a free life in an addictive mobile game — we all have experience with commercials. Whether for broadcast or the web, designed to inspire tears or laughter, these pieces promote products and services and attempt to create brand awareness.


 Explainer Videos – Short

Sometimes it only takes 30 seconds to take your audience from unaware to up-to-speed. Short and sweet explainer videos can shed new light on pain points, showcase products and answer essential questions.


Explainer Videos – Long

For complex topics, there’s nothing so powerful as a visual aid. If your sales team is frequently asked to explain how an innovative technology or product works, a long-form explainer is the perfect opportunity to offer that explanation when they’re not in the room.


Social Media Videos – Short

These quick-hitting social media videos might feel like ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ pieces, (because you will) but they bring life and movement to a crowded space and present a great opportunity to maximize the footage you already have.

Social Media Videos – Long/Culture

With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, social media is no longer the exclusive domain of micro-videos. It’s now home to punchy, thought-provoking and fun videos that capture viewers’ attention as they scroll. For brands, these videos are a great opportunity to weigh in on trending topics, showcase success stories and bring company culture to life.

The Process

Video marketing has distinct phases that differ somewhat from those seen in other types of content marketing. CSG collaborates with clients at every stage of video development. The following overview of CSG’s video development process demonstrates how our clients’ ideas transform into motion picture reality.

Simply put, ideation. Our team will take your ideas and optimize them for video or present original ideas that match your goals.

The secret to video success lies in preparation. With the right time and energy invested upfront, video projects run smoothly, on-time and on-budget. This tranche of work might include scripting, storyboarding, shoot planning and talent coordination.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Depending on the nature of the video, our team conducts remote or location shoots, launches into animation and completes voiceover recording sessions to secure all of the assets needed to
create videos.

Post is where footage and animations become stories. Our team edits, color corrects, sound designs, subtitles, captions and otherwise puts the finishing touches and final packaging on videos to get them ready to go out into the world.

After the videos are complete, our team goes to work optimizing video descriptions, uploading them to the correct hosting site and developing any supporting assets needed to make sure your video lands with the right audience.

Whether you need a soup-to-nuts video content marketing agency or stage-specific support, our team stands ready with specialized services such as shooting and editing.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video advertising agency?

A marketing agency with video development capabilities. Agencies that feature video services as part of their overall creative services and strategic marketing offerings create efficiencies and greater opportunity to execute fully integrated campaigns.

What is the value of a digital video marketing agency?

Video marketing agencies have both the technical and creative ability to apply video to an organization’s overarching marketing strategy. When video is factored in as part of a larger marketing strategy, it has the potential to be more impactful and aligned with an organization’s goals.

How to choose a video marketing agency?

Ideally, a video marketing agency and client should be able to reach alignment on vision, budget and timeline for any given video project. Clear goals, deadlines and alignment of resources all promote successful video marketing work. Organizations working with a strategic marketing agency may find benefit in having their creative and strategy work executed by the same agency. Those that complete most of their marketing work in-house and seek agency support for special skills may wish to seek full-service firms capable of planning, creating and promoting videos according to best practices and in alignment with an overall video strategy.

How much do agencies charge for video production?

The extremely flexible and customizable nature of video makes it difficult to offer generic estimates. Thoughtful vendors and agencies will seek discovery conversations to understand the type, length, style, production level and timeline of a project before providing a custom quote. Likewise, video production agencies should be willing and able to recommend a video solution given a provided budget and set of goals.

Industry Expertise

There’s an old adage that says to write well, you have to write what you know. We believe that logic applies to work as well, and we’ve made it our business to understand the nuances and landscapes of the industries we serve.


Ready to Work with A Video Marketing Firm?

Video is a powerful medium that can make an impact on almost any budget. CSG offers full-service strategic and creative services to deliver creative video marketing campaigns that support strategy and maximize your spend. We’ll work with you to find the right style and approach to meet your needs.

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