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We’re not only in the business of solving for why for our clients but also believe it’s equally important to inspire our team to discover why they chose to pursue strategic communications careers. 

CSG is known for advancing, growing and challenging each other in a supportive environment with a collaborative team. And, we’re really good at it.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced marketing gig or PR agency job that keeps you on your toes and challenged every day — we’d love to talk.

It’s True: There REALLY is Something Special about CSG

We have a culture of responsibility and respect — responsibility to and respect for our fellow team members, our clients and our community. This is what makes our work different, and what makes Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) a different place to work. 

Through our internal and external DEI committee and initiatives, we strive to cultivate a work environment — virtually and in-person — of respect, open-mindedness, fairness, comfort and appreciation. We aim to operate with grace, acceptance and understanding that uncomfortable topics, differing views, and the ability to broach them safely enable teammates to grow, learn and appreciate that others are growing and learning too. 

We’re a rapidly growing agency that’s all about inspiring exceptional people to do exceptional things. Keep reading to learn more about life at CSG — and see our available strategic communication, marketing and PR agency jobs.

I’m continually in awe of the brilliant minds around me. I started this agency more than two decades ago and it’s incredible to see how we’ve changed, overcome and grown. There’s no doubt any success we’ve had is because of the talented people who work here — and that is not lost on me. CSG is a people-first kind of place and that’s just how it is. I feel extremely grateful to work with these folks and look forward to meeting the next generation of CSGers.”

– Steven shapiro, founder & President

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