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We’re not only in the business of solving for why for our clients but also believe it’s equally important to inspire our team to discover why they chose to pursue strategic communications careers. 

CSG is known for advancing, growing and challenging each other in a supportive environment with a collaborative team. And, we’re really good at it. 

If you’re looking for a fast-paced marketing gig or PR agency job that keeps you on your toes and challenged every day — we’d love to talk.

It’s True: There Really is Something Special about CSG

We have a culture of responsibility and respect — responsibility to and respect for our fellow team members, our clients and our community. This is what makes our work different, and what makes Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) a different place to work. 

Through our internal and external DEI committee and initiatives, we strive to cultivate a work environment — virtually and in-person — of respect, open-mindedness, fairness, comfort and appreciation. We aim to operate with grace, acceptance and understanding that uncomfortable topics, differing views, and the ability to broach them safely enable teammates to grow, learn and appreciate that others are growing and learning too. 

We’re a rapidly growing agency that’s all about inspiring exceptional people to do exceptional things. Keep reading to learn more about life at CSG — and see our available strategic communication, marketing and PR agency jobs.

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Steven Shapiro

“I’m continually in awe of the brilliant minds around me. I started this agency more than two decades ago and it’s incredible to see how we’ve changed, overcome and grown. There’s no doubt any success we’ve had is because of the talented people who work here — and that is not lost on me. CSG is a people-first kind of place and that’s just how it is. I feel extremely grateful to work with these folks and look forward to meeting the next generation of CSGers.”

— Steven Shapiro, Founder & President of CSG

We Want to Hear From You

Interested in a job in PR, marketing and communications and joining the CSG team? See specific open positions below. While headquartered in Denver, Colorado, we invite candidates across the country to apply.

We’re always on the hunt for great talent. If you’re a rockstar account manager and strategist, a digital marketing analyst, a graphic designer, a copywriter, or are simply interested in joining our Strategy Group, Innovation team or our Studio, let’s connect. Please send your cover letter, resume and portfolio (if applicable) to: Careers@WeAreCSG.com.

Want to learn about our PR agency internship opportunities?

An internship at CSG is a mutually beneficial opportunity to learn from our team, achieve client goals and work for a company that’s committed to kick-starting strategic communications careers. If you’re interested in being considered for an internship, apply today by clicking here.



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This is CSG

Sometimes we’re a little weird. Sometimes we’re a little wild. But we’re always about getting it done for our clients. At the end of the day, we’re workhorses — not show horses. Check out what CSGers have to say about working here in their own words.


It’s so hard to narrow down what I love about CSG to only a couple sentences because each day I am blown away by its inclusive culture and commitment to making everyone a better member of this amazing team. Every day, I get to feel like a badass because of the work that I’m doing and where I’m doing it.

Abby Director

I love CSG because I love seeing the people here grow — myself included! It’s just amazing to watch new skills and confidence emerge and to know that the company, and Steven, are committed to supporting that growth. Very grateful for this!

Annetta Senior Editor

I know it’s become cliché at this point, but it’s the people. I’ve never worked at a place — especially an agency — where everyone is a kind, considerate and just genuinely good person. Plus, they’re all smart as hell.

Brad Director

CSG is remarkable when you step back and take a breath to soak it all in, and I’m always in awe of the work we do. I’m consistently grateful to work alongside the best of the best in the industry — clients and fellow CSGers — and am convinced, there’s no other place like it. A testament to our fearless leader, CSG is a place of constant inspiration, encouragement and great fun. I truly love working here.

Bri Vice President

CSG is a place that believes in people. If you show up and shine, people will not only notice, but appreciate what you bring to the party. That’s a vanishingly rare quality in the agency world but only one small piece of what makes CSG special.

Brooke Creative Director

CSG is truly my second family. We have such an incredible and thoughtful team of human beings and strategists. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!

Dan Chief Marketing Officer

I love working at CSG because I feel that my skills are valued, my point of view matters, and it provides the flexibility to live our personal lives fully. It also doesn’t hurt that CSG is a fantastic group of talented and empathetic human beings that make coming to work — or logging onto zoom — kind of fun!

Daniela Associate Art Director

I love that every day I get to learn something new. Working with a diverse range of interesting colleagues, clients, technologies and industries, I’m constantly stimulated and challenged.

Erik Chief Innovation Officer

One of the reasons I enjoy working at CSG is because everyone has a voice. Steven has created a culture that encourages everyone to speak their mind (good and bad) and provide their opinion, which is valued at every level of the organization. As a team member, you actually feel like you’re contributing to the growth of the company, which is rare.

John Vice President

One of the things I’m most grateful for is that Steven, and everyone who works here, genuinely cares — about the work, and our clients of course, but about the people who work here, too. It’s about more than culture — you can have a great culture anywhere — it’s about working alongside people who are genuinely good people, who are just as passionate about the work as you are, and support that we all have lives outside of the proverbial office walls. I’m super appreciative that Steven has built that kind of environment for us.

Kayla Vice President

I love the work. I feel trusted and respected from all angles within the organization to confidently progress. As part of the creative studio, we get to work on some incredible projects with some really great clients that are out to do great things in the world. #ProblemSolved

Kristie Associate Creative Director

I love how helpful, supportive, encouraging, and generous EVERYONE at CSG is. I immediately felt welcome and like a part of the team on my very first day.

Moira Graphic Designer

What I love about working at CSG is the fact that I was able to move in a completely different career direction than I originally intended to be in without leaving the company I do in fact love working for. When I started at CSG, I spent my life in client service. Eight years later, we restructured and a non-client service role opened up with an operations focus. Steven trusted me with this role, and I was able to re-challenge myself professionally — all while never having to be the “new girl at work school.”

Molly Senior Vice President, Operations
Peter M

CSG is a place where you can learn and grow without fear of being wrong. It’s a place that supports you as you try to figure your way through things you’ve never done, is there to pick you up when you fall and help you when you need it, which makes each of us better at our jobs.

Peter Senior Vice President, Products & Services

CSG has a culture that allows me to think dynamically, not within a box, about the work I do. As a result, I find myself and my teammates constantly reinventing the way we do things as a group with a path towards efficiency, profitability, team member engagement, and most importantly, effective consulting for our clients.

R.J. Chief Financial Officer

The very best thing about CSG is the people. These brilliant, hilarious, insane humans make me laugh every day, make me proud constantly, and make my work lifeintensely rewarding.

Shannon Chief Strategy Officer

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