Social Media

Posts and likes are surface level — an effective social media strategy exists across the entire content lifecycle and elevates critical marketing strategies.

Why Does Social Media Matter?

The days when social media could be lightly dismissed as a fad have long since passed. And though the shapeshifting medium has taken many unanticipated turns, it remains a place where people gather — and encounter — brands.

That’s more than 3 billion hearts and minds engaging based on shared interests and the chance to connect.

It’s true that not all brands are built for Instagram and the trends of the day, but there is a place for every brand in the social universe. The art and science of a sound social media marketing strategy is to pinpoint where that lane is rather than falling into the trap of an “if you build it, they will come” philosophy.

Our Approach

As social media consultants, we have seen time and again that the right message on the right social channel can elevate any marketing initiative.

When you consider that more than 46 percent of all social media traffic to company websites comes from LinkedIn, it’s undeniable that social networking lives up to its promise of networking in the business sense as well as the social one. Meanwhile, 71 percent of consumers who’ve had a good social media service experience with a brand are more likely to recommend it to others. The simple fact that both of these figures co-exist within the same tactic, but serve disparate purposes and audiences, confirms what has long been a guiding principle in CSG’s approach to social media management services:

We believe that every piece of content has a job. And we believe that every social platform has a purpose.

Facebook and Twitter might be the hot spots of customer service and awareness, while LinkedIn is home to thought leadership, and Instagram demonstrates culture. The exact intent and execution vary by brand and industry, but the guiding effort to meet consumers and prospects where they are remains consistent.

To that end, we use a blend of organic and paid strategies — a particularly important measure as increased monetization across social platforms has cannibalized much organic growth — to optimize the relevant platforms and infuse social into integrated marketing strategies that span the entire content and customer lifecycle.



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Social Support at Every Step:
Creation. Management. Promotion.

CSG employs an end-to-end approach to social media strategy that encompasses everything from account set-up and calendarization to target audience identification and analytics and optimization. This includes access to a dedicated account manager to quickly address any questions and discuss initiatives, challenges and opportunities. Likewise, as a social media marketing agency, we offer consulting services to operate alongside your internal marketing teams and help to optimize your social campaigns.

Social media is multifaceted and serves goals well beyond increased engagement rates. CSG works with brands to create relevant content that:


Does Your Social Strategy Come Full Circle?

Robust social media strategy calls for a bit more than a “set it and forget it” approach to social media content. Rather, it calls for a replicable process of preparation, research, creation, management, promotion and analysis. Eventually, the results inform the next period of planning to ensure that brands are not just active on social media, but proactive in the use of the platforms. Each step of this six-part process contains several milestone activities:

Plan It

Solid social strategy starts with careful planning, much of the heavy lifting takes place before you ever post. Key efforts in this phase include, but are not limited to: goal definition, profile optimization, audience identification and targeting, voice and tone definition and hashtag research and prioritization.

Create It

The creation and curation of on-brand, relevant and consistent content is where the strategic rubber meets the road. Activities in this recurring phase include editorial calendar creation, drafting copy and creating supporting visuals.

Post It

Much of the battle for social media success is knowing what to post and when. Your strategy should incorporate optimal publishing times to maximize your scheduled posts. 

Moderate It

Social provides customers and followers a chance to engage directly with your brand — if they reach out, make sure not to miss the chance to cultivate a positive experience, particularly related to customer service.

Promote It

Give your priority posts a bit of extra attention via organic and paid methods. Organic growth remains stifled by changes to the various platforms, so high priority promotion efforts may require paid investment, particularly when the opportunity to migrate followers to an owned CRM database is present.

Understand It

Social media is an analytics-rich tactic. Taking the time to comb through data and understand what can be learned from performance metrics in the short- and long-term presents an ideal opportunity for optimization and strategic refinement.

For brands, social media holds tremendous potential, but finding the right approach rarely happens without significant planning and effort. When executed well, however, it can be the path to move audiences to owned channels, boost lead capture and even drive purchases.

Tools of The Trade

As a digital tactic, social media can be significantly optimized with technology platforms, such as Sprout Social, that allow users to monitor and manage multiple channels from a single source of input. These efficiencies support rapid scheduling, replicable processes and streamlined data sources. When paired with tools such as Google Analytics, it is possible to create a holistic environment that understands how prospects move from a social media post to the website to a contact form.

CSG uses a blend of tools — including Sprout Social, Feedly, Facebook Business Manager and Google Analytics — to provide enhanced management across all platforms and ensure the most efficient execution to extend the impact of any budget. With this deep view of all activity, we build comprehensive dashboards and campaign reports to give a clear and complete view of social media performance. Every click, every like, every comment and every referral is accounted for alongside commentary and insights from our team of social media consultants.

Example of statistics obtained by Sprout Social


Industry Expertise

There’s an old adage that says to write well, you have to write what you know. We believe that logic applies to work as well, and we’ve made it our business to understand the nuances and landscapes of the industries we serve.