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Using Content Marketing to Make Life Changing Decisions Easier

As the largest independent senior living provider in North America, with more than 260 retirement communities and over 30,000 residents throughout the U.S., Holiday Retirement helps older adults and their families with one of the most complex and emotional decisions they will ever make: choosing a senior living community.

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Complex Choices.
Custom Content.

To better understand how to guide seniors and their families through the difficult decision-making process, Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) developed a customer journey workshop to chart the points of need, key behaviors, potential barriers and areas of opportunity all along the path from “I need a change” to “I belong at Holiday.”

Based on this intelligence, CSG planned and created content based on anticipated behaviors and barriers for seniors and their families. The resulting content journey was dynamic and designed to authentically educate, comfort, inspire and connect to Holiday Retirement’s core audiences at every critical point in their journey.

Turnkey Content for Key Players

It was critical that the senior living content program address both seniors and influencers, such as adult children and friends, who are involved in the decision. Without the ability to find resonance with disparate audiences and points of view, the content would fall flat over the course of a long, and often emotionally fraught decision. For instance, adult children have significant concerns about how to approach the topic of senior living with their parents, while older adults themselves are likely to feel ill-at-ease if they feel they are being told what to do and how to live. Based on this insight, CSG created an eBook, video, infographic, best practice checklist and articles to help adult children facilitate these conversations in a productive way while gaining an understanding of their parent’s needs and concerns.

For seniors, the primary concern often centers on lifestyle and level of independence in a retirement community. That doesn’t require a tactical guide, it calls for a slice-of-life. To help older adults better picture senior living, CSG created content assets that reinforced the level of social connection residents enjoy and provided behind-the-scenes glimpses of life at Holiday Retirement.

Greater Relevance. Greater Resonance.

With carefully planned, purposeful content Holiday Retirement was able to ensure that every touch made a meaningful impact for prospective residents and their families and make a daunting decision just a bit easier.

What impresses me most is that they take personal pride in their work. They get the job done on time and on budget, and they actually care about delivering the best product possible.

Brian K. Fawkes, vice president, communications, Holiday Retirement

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