About CSG


The Uprising

Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) was conceived at a time we call the “uPRising,” when we evolved from the traditional role of Public Relations to one of Publishing and Relationships.

We were a communication consultancy that helped clients bridge to a strategic content approach, with a streamlined process for the creation and extraction, packaging, distribution and promotion of content experiences.  After all, we were already the storytelling engine for our clients, and now we ensured those stories were optimized across earned, owned and shared channels to realize our clients’ most critical goals.

Today, we’ve added what we believe is the most decisive ingredient yet, Behavior Design, which informs the crafting of unparalleled content experiences that compel action. Armed with purpose-built content and profound audience insights, we identify and facilitate behaviors across the stakeholder decision journey, from awareness and initial consideration to active evaluation and closure, to post-purchase loyalty and evangelism.

At CSG, we engineer content-driven behaviors. 

Leadership Team

Steven Shapiro
Founder & Creative Director
Shannon Fern
Chief Strategy Officer
Erik Keith
Chief Innovation Officer
Dan Mahoney
Chief Marketing Officer
R.J. Mutton
Chief Financial Officer
Ryan Hoffman
V.P. Strategy
Molly Koch
V.P. Strategy Operations
Peter MacKellar
V.P. Strategy
Mark Stern
V.P. Strategy
Annetta Hanna
Editorial Director
Thomas Hutton
Art Director