An HR department can play a life-enhancing role in a company when it effectively markets employee health and wellness benefits. When HR professionals effectively communicate a company’s suite of benefits, they can equip employees with the resources to create a well-rounded life, rather than just a living. To do this, HR professionals must take on a marketing mindset that enables them to identify and leverage the channels and messages that will most effectively promote the company’s benefits. In their recent conversation, Adam Fridman and Steven Shapiro, founder & president of Communications Strategy Group (CSG®), discussed how technological advancements such as data collection, AI and programmatic marketing are changing how information is communicated and can be applied to the future of HR. From the excitement of what’s possible to the challenges of what’s practical, the two explore how technological developments can empower HR departments to become far more efficient at meeting employees where they are to provide them with truly life-enhancing health and wellness resources.

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