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Branded Content Studio Generates Engagement at Leading Financial Services Conference

With clients such as PayPal, Google Wallet, Fiserv, Heartland, Blackhawk Network, Yodlee and T Mobile, The Bancorp is behind many of today’s most successful global companies. The company provides private label banking and technology to meet the unique business needs of non-bank companies.

While The Bancorp was able to organically grow an impressive roster of clients, they were still unknown in the industry and with important decision makers. With the business imperative to drive brand awareness and lead generation, Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) created and launched a custom branded content publishing platform called the Finetics Studio that was introduced at Money 20/20, the industry’s premier trade event.

unique visitors to the Finetics Studio microsite in first month

page views of Finetics Studio content through partnership with leading industry publication

views of the 34 Finetics Studio videos on The Bancorp YouTube channel in first month

new followers to The Bancorp’s LinkedIn company page, including executives from key organizations like Experian, Morgan Stanley, Samsung Pay and PayPal

New Content Platform

CSG created a new content platform for The Bancorp to share industry-specific expertise and engage an audience of relevant executives and influencers. The team developed the Finetics Studio microsite to host various forms of thought leadership content, introducing Finetics Studio content via traditional media distribution and coordinated social media campaigns on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Finetics Studio banner

Money 20/20 Live Interview Series

CSG transformed The Bancorp’s traditional Money 20/20 exhibition space into a live, interactive Finetics Studio to interview industry leaders and capture their insights. The team facilitated a content partnership with Contentive, publisher of respected industry trade publications PaymentEye, Pivotl and Bobsguide. Together, The Bancorp and CSG collaborated on the development of an industry-elite invitation list and recruited top industry partners, with CSG providing editorial direction and coordination of the live interview series.

The Bancorp, Contentive and CSG teams edited and packaged content following the conference, and CSG organized and oversaw the distribution of eight thematic Finetics Studio content releases.

Interview with CEO and Founder Rene Lacerte

CSG + The Bancorp Highlights

Finetics Studio Drives Business Results

CSG developed a microsite to host Finetics Studio thought leadership content and create a platform from which to extend The Bancorp’s influence and reach.

CSG also conducted an internal survey of The Bancorp executives which confirmed that Finetics Studio experiences expanded corporate exposure, elevated corporate credibility, strengthened industry relations, added customer service value, and enhanced business development prospects.

Finetics Studio Delivers Brand Awareness with a New Audience of Industry Influencers and Decision Makers

CSG created content accessed by nearly 4,000 unique visitors on the Finetics Studio microsite. Meanwhile, The Bancorp’s YouTube channel recorded nearly 3,000 views of the 34 Finetics Studio videos uploaded during the same time period. Contentive publications recorded over 5,000 page views of Finetics Studio content and almost 550 views of Finetics Studio content on their YouTube channels. Additional Finetics Studio blog content helped cultivate a qualified lead for The Bancorp’s Institutional Banking SVP.

Finetics Studio Accelerates Social Engagement and Lead Generation

CSG’s social media support of The Bancorp’s LinkedIn company page resulted in more than 550 new followers, including executives from key organizations like Experian, Morgan Stanley, Samsung Pay and PayPal, and several new business opportunities over a six-month period. Industry colleagues and influencers mentioned @thebancorp nearly 400 times between October and March on Twitter, with the account attracting almost 200 new followers, including industry executives and publication editors.

CSG assisted us with the strategic planning and tactical roll-out of a high-visibility communications channel for Finetics, The Bancorp’s payments division. We had just under 12 weeks to take the Finetics program from concept to fully executed launch at the industry’s premier trade event, and I don’t know how we would have made it without the talented CSG team.

They dove in with a commitment to excellence that was equal to our own, making the partnership seamless. Their expertise in the payments space was stellar; their professionalism was extraordinary, and their attitude was contagious. As a direct result of their contributions, our program exceeded expected outcomes on every measure. I’d recommend CSG far and wide.

Maria Antonelli, SVP, Director, Corporate Communication, The Bancorp

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