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Building Affinity for a New Dairy-Free Dessert through PR and Social Media

So Delicious has long been an industry leader in dairy-free products, but even as a giant in the field, So Delicious faced an uphill battle breaking into the booming low-calorie frozen dessert market. With new brands that sprung up overnight touted on every podcast, website and glossy ad, launching a new product into a highly competitive marketplace required a unique and targeted approach.

Although So Delicious is well-established with audiences who have food restrictions, the brand saw this new product as an opportunity to break into a new audience segment — wellness enthusiasts — and tapped Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) to connect and engage that segment of consumers. To that end, CSG developed a “Taste & Tell” campaign to engage micro-influencers and generate buzz about their new frozen Mousse offering.



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New Product. New Audience.

The new frozen Mousse product launch presented a rare opportunity to take an established brand to a new audience. While So Delicious’ existing fans and champions do tend to eat healthy, that motivation usually tends to stem from dietary restrictions. An ultra low-calorie, dairy-free dessert offering certainly fits the bill for that existing audience, but it also brings an entirely new angle to wellness enthusiasts and fitness fans — guilt-free indulgence. That’s a story worth telling, not least because it raises some eyebrows.

CSG recognized that genuine reactions from niche experts would do more to assuage any skepticism than a few good commercials or billboards, and so made the first campaign priority the identification and sourcing of micro-influencers. With a list of influencers that checked all the boxes, CSG went to work developing “Taste & Tell kits” to send to influencers and spark their creativity to develop posts, videos, photos and blogs. To compel them, CSG delivered So Delicious branded coolers containing Mousse samples, a custom spoon and pint koozie to a select list of 20 influencers who were challenged to simply taste and tell.

Single Focus.
Many Outcomes.

The taste and tell kits were primarily designed to raise awareness about the new product offering, however, this strategic recruitment of content creators garnered other benefits for the brand. Influencers were given access to brand materials to supplement their own talents, and the end result was a host of beautiful recipes and posts that extended the reach of So Delicious, while also generating fodder for the brand’s own social channels, blog and materials.

In addition to sharing the story of So Delicious Mousse with influencers, the CSG team simultaneously targeted top-flight, national media with a pronounced interest in health and wellness coverage. That effort resulted in coverage in a number of marquee outlets, including Good Housekeeping, The Today Show, Elite Daily and Food Network.

As a final piece of the activation, CSG created custom content pieces to show the new target audience just how well So Delicious Mousse hits into a healthy life — lush infographics detailing a sundae as an act of self-care and pairing guilt-free flavors with bingeable television shows rounded out the narrative push to establish So Delicious with wellness enthusiasts.

These highly-targeted efforts combined to generate 1.9 million impressions and drive more than 70,000 unique website visits. What began with 20 micro-influencers quickly spread around a highly engaged community of healthy eaters and wellness seekers to announce the arrival of a new player in the hotly contested arena of low-calorie frozen desserts.

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