Video certainly is not new in the world, nor is it a new discipline for Communications Strategy Group (CSGⓇ) — we’ve long had exceptional partners to complement our services, particularly on ambitious projects. But as video marketing strategy becomes more and more essential to the overall marketing mix, we’ve taken steps to extend our in-house video marketing services, capabilities and capacity to bring even more options and opportunities to our clients.

Take a look at what we’ve been up to:

Video marketing for business is not one-size-fits-all, but the potential impact of video is universal. It’s never too late to launch or refine a video marketing strategy, particularly with the right video marketing agency partner by your side. To be sure, video is a specialized offering with many complexities. A truly strategic partner should take the overwhelm and guesswork out of the process.

Video is a medium that resonates with everyone, it’s about time it became a medium everyone can imagine as part of their marketing mix. Frame rates, audio mixing, room tone and diffusion do matter a great deal on any production, but what matters most in the video you will ultimately share with the world is how it makes you feel.

That’s why we begin every video project, as we do every project, by asking “why?” Once we Solve For Why, our creative team can work with you at every stage of the process from concepting, scripting and storyboarding, to production and editing. Video is for every brand. Our goal is to make it approachable and efficient without compromising authenticity or impact.

With new additions to our team and our network of existing partners, we’re prepared to bring any vision to life. Big or small. And if you’re not quite sure of the vision, but understand the need, we can tackle that too.

Ready to explore a video marketing services and strategy for your organization? Make like Spielberg and call us into action. And while you’re at it, take a look at some of our other creative work.