Know what’s worse than putting out bad content for your real estate business? Not putting out any content. Every day, thousands and thousands of people turn to the internet for answers to their real estate questions. They might be wondering how to make a competitive bid for their first home, or they might be seasoned buyers hoping to learn about fluctuations in the market. Either way, if you’re not putting out real estate content that might catch these people’s eyes during their Google expeditions, you’re leaving yourself at a disadvantage.

Real estate content creation is easier than you might think, and it can have a dramatic effect on your traffic, leads and conversions. Take a read through this guide, and you’ll have your content strategy whipped into shape in no time!

What Is Content Marketing for Real Estate?

Content marketing is using material like blog posts, videos, newsletters and social media posts to promote your business. The downside is that it takes time, but the upside is that it may cost less up front than traditional ads, and it can build momentum on its own, funneling increasing traffic to your website or generating buzz around your products and services without a proportionate increase in the effort required. Like any other kind of content marketing, real estate content marketing only requires that you provide insight, education, entertainment, or other value to your audience. In exchange, you get to build trust with potential customers, break into new markets, raise your visibility in search engines and a whole lot more.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate

Real estate content creation is all about getting in touch with your target audience. You’re a real estate professional, so ask yourself: what questions do people ask me over and over? What are the most common problems I see people running into in real estate transactions? What questions are people likely to ask online? Once you’ve compiled a list of topics, you can start developing content around them. You’ll also want to spend time thinking about how, where and how often you’ll release content. In general, you don’t want to desensitize your audience with a torrent of real estate content, but you don’t want to let them go too long without new things to digest either. While real estate content marketing will probably work best within a suite of other marketing efforts, rather than all by itself, it is an important prong of any balanced communications strategy for a modern business.

Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

The only limit on content you put out as part of your property content marketing campaigns is your imagination. However, there are a few directions to take that work well for most businesses, and they can give you a starting point to test ideas from and get your bearings. The following types of content would all work well for real estate content marketing:

  • Blog articles
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Infographics

Let’s go over these in a bit more detail.

Blog Articles

Starting a blog is a great way to connect with your audience and provide value. If you can commit to writing an article every week or, maybe every other week, on subjects with keywords that users are searching regularly, your site will look useful and vibrant to Google over time, and you can start to see your ranking rise, bringing in more views and clicks on your posts, and in turn more traffic on the main pages of your website. There are plenty of topics you can address in detail with this type of real estate content, so make a list of your top 10 topics and get writing!


Video is an increasingly important medium for content. Starting this year, video will make up 82% of all web traffic — that’s 15 times more than in 2017! Your real estate content marketing should capitalize on this trend. Film some videos that tell viewers more about you and your business, or more about real estate in general, and throw them up on your website or YouTube channel. Also, if you’re creative, you can find ways to incorporate more videos in the rest of your real estate content. Can you put out Instagram stories regularly for your business’s page? TikTok videos? Any video content you produce is likely to give you a bigger bang for your buck than text alone.

Social Media Posts

While it’s unlikely that you’re going to attract millions of followers by yourself with nothing but your tweets, social media accounts can still be a valuable content tool for your business because of newsjacking and influencer mentions. Hitching your business to trending news and trying to score endorsements or tags from people with loyal followings on social media can rack up a lot of impressions and clicks for you in a short amount of time.


Along with videos, you should consider including some infographics in your real estate content. Bare text without an appealing visual element gets less engagement than text with such an element, and what’s the point of putting out content that people won’t engage with? There are a number of programs that let you design striking visual aids, and if you’re providing useful stats about real estate in the process, you might pick up backlinks from other real estate publications, bloggers and experts. That raises your SEO cred and can drive traffic to your website.

Develop Your Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy With Us

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