If you’re an eCommerce brand, you cannot ignore the power of content marketing. From emails to social media posts to blogs, content marketing is a proven — and extremely profitable — way to increase conversion rates without spending a lot of advertising dollars. In fact, recent stats show that eCommerce brands using content marketing experience an online conversion rate of nearly 3 percent, while sites that don’t use it see only 0.5 percent of traffic convert to a sale. That’s almost 6 times the conversion rate — and proof that a content strategy for eCommerce brands is worthwhile if not essential in today’s competitive market.

Before going deep into the digital marketing rabbit hole for eCommerce content marketing strategies, let the experts at Customer Communications Group (CSG®) explain what this type of marketing is and tell you why it needs to be a regular part of your marketing mix.

What is eCommerce Content Marketing?

If you take a look at your inbox or your social media feed right now, you probably have some pretty good examples of eCommerce content marketing. Whether it’s a monthly e-newsletter, follow-up email to a purchase you made online or video posted on to social media about a product or service — these are all types of content marketing that are part of a larger strategy developed by an eCommerce brand.

Some other examples of eCommerce content marketing include:

  • Email Campaigns (e.g., welcome emails, newsletters)
  • Social Media Platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • eCommerce Website Content
  • Blogs
  • Case Studies and Research Reports
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

The goal of eCommerce content marketing is to drive awareness and encourage consumers to buy a product or service from a business that sells online. These types of communications are sent to get customers’ attention, build trust, form a relationship and make them feel connected (maybe even loyal) to a brand. But the most important reason for eCommerce content marketing is to drive sales without over-the-top tactics or gimmicks.

In the end, content marketing has proven again and again that it is a viable and profitable marketing tactic for eCommerce brands. And since eCommerce is here to stay and represented 13 percent of total U.S. retail sales in the third quarter of 2021, now’s the time to build out a robust content marketing strategy to stay competitive in the eCommerce marketplace.

Why You Need Content For Online Shopping Websites

Some eCommerce brands operate with less overhead costs. They are not paying big bucks for a prominent brick-and-mortar retail space that requires constant maintenance and overhead. On the flip side, they have to work a little harder for brand recognition and can’t rely on foot traffic to drive sales and retention. This is where eCommerce digital marketing comes into play. It captures customers’ attention when and (most importantly) where they are making purchase decisions — on their phone or computer. And content marketing takes it one step further by providing compelling details, personalized context and a call to action that makes it simple to sell a product or service in just a few clicks. This type of digital marketing puts the consumer buying process in the fast lane and lets eCommerce brands take advantage of high-tech tools that make customers feel confident and excited to purchase online.

How to Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy for eCommerce Brands

If you think you can just start writing content and posting it to your website and social channels and customers will magically appear — think again. Unfortunately, the “if you build it, they will come” mentality does not align with the rules of engagement for digital marketing. So, before jumping headfirst into writing, you must take a few steps back and get pretty granular into the details surrounding your customer and what you’re selling. Ask yourself who your target customer is, what their online behaviors are and, most importantly, where they are online.

Some ways to get this information include:

  • Ask your current and prospective customers
  • Research the competition and audit their digital marketing
  • Identify keywords for search engine optimization
  • Consider testing out a few digital marketing tactics and see what works

Also, think about the specifics of what you’re selling and put your efforts into marketing channels that are best suited for your product or service. For instance, if your product or service is complex and a large investment — a demo video or webinar may be a safer bet than a blog that only features copy. If you’re selling something that has generated hundreds (or better yet, thousands of reviews) — then an influencer blog may be the best place to put your marketing dollars. This is where digital marketing shines because it allows you to be agile, personalize your messaging and offers a customized experience that when done right gets noticed.

eCommerce Content Marketing Pro Tips

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to any of this. It takes insights, research and digital marketing know-how to create the best content strategy for eCommerce brands. And, this is precisely why many online shopping websites and brands consult with outside experts to develop their content marketing strategies. This empowers them to focus on creating the best products and services in the market while digital marketers plan, strategize, execute and optimize to serve up campaigns that drive online sales and ROI today and in the future.

One more thing, if you’re content is just iffy and written in strings of SEO jargon — you’re missing the point. Creating boatloads of content defeats the purpose if it’s only written to get an algorithm’s attention. Quality content is where it’s at — and that may require more time, effort and cost, but it’s worth it to wow your audience with authentic, well-written copy.

Develop Your eComm Content Marketing Strategy With Us

Whether your eCommerce content marketing is leaning toward live-action content, landing pages, blog posts, email campaigns or strategic consultation, CSG has you covered. Our team has experience working with eCommerce clients of all sizes and industries to develop campaigns that are strategic and deliver results. We thrive in helping our clients increase customer loyalty and retention through digital marketing that is informed by insights and is rooted in strategy.

See how we can help your brand or website stand out from the competition with a high-impact digital eCommerce content strategy that drives online sales. Get in touch with our team to explore our approach and how we’ve helped others maximize their online presence.