When VitaNavis, a product of The Myers-Briggs Company, approached Communications Strategy Group (CSGⓇ) for a web design project, our Creative Studio had an immediate sense of what the new site needed to make an impact on K-12 and higher education administrators in need of innovative career advising tools.

Visually, the website needed to embrace bolder, brighter colors and more engaging photography to draw in visitors. It needed more interactive elements and features to keep them there. And it needed a signature visual element that would leap right off the page.

But here’s the thing about creative services: Coming up with a brilliant idea or visual — like the imperfect circle graphic we dreamed up for VitaNavis — can happen relatively quickly. Explaining it to the world, however, takes work. Everyone understands visual concepts differently and complex designs can be difficult to “see” when they still exist entirely in theory.

Mock-ups and wireframes can serve as powerful tools that enable us to translate and share our vision with clients early in the creative process. However, this project demanded that we flex our creative skills to find a solution that would enable VitaNavis to fully understand our vision for its brand — and the statement it was going to make to the world — without having to first build the website for them to see it.

Sharing our vision of imperfect circles with the client called us to perfect our communication methods.

Simplifying the Complexities of Graphic and Website Design

CSG is a creative agency that loves solving business problems, and our creative services team quickly sought out new ways of communicating our complex, imperfect circle graphic to the VitaNavis team without having to fully build it in the web design platform. We researched and test-drove a host of design processes and tools, including lightboxes, parallax scrolling, hover effects, show-and-hide content plug-ins, and more, to figure out the best way to collaborate with VitaNavis and enable their team to visually understand the creative direction that would make the website stand out.

Ultimately, our website design services team had to master a prototype extension of our trusted web design software. This handy feature allowed us to mock up an animated version of the imperfect circles in a relatively short amount of time. It also illustrated exactly how the live, coded graphic would look and work in action on the new website. And it enabled us to show
VitaNavis exactly what they were getting without having to burn their budget getting there.

Mock-up of VitaNavis website on lap top and separatelyCSG’s commitment to innovation offered VitaNavis more than a bright, beautiful new website — it also delivered an effective collaborative process that saved time and money.

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