Health technology public relations has never been more important in an industry experiencing staggering innovation and growth. Hundreds of healthcare technology companies are developing wearable devices, apps and solutions that revolutionize how healthcare professionals do their jobs and how consumers approach their health. An effective health tech pr strategy is key to boosting brand presence, solidifying thought leadership and reaching target audiences with messaging that resonates. Looking to bolster your health tech business’ PR efforts in 2023? Explore this article for everything you need to know.

What is Health Technology PR?

From large corporations to lean startups, health technology encompasses a wide spectrum of organizations that channel big data analysis and artificial intelligence expertise into health and wellness care. The industry is booming — especially since the COVID-19 pandemic initiated a spike in wellness care interest. Even healthcare providers are promoting relevant health technologies to their patients. Wellness apps, fitness trackers and digital exercise experiences are part of daily life now and cover topics such as weight loss, meditation and mental health. 

While a crowded space, there are key industry leaders who rise to the surface. Innovative offerings such as Peloton’s online fitness community classes, the Calm meditation app and Oura Ring’s personal health smart ring, to name a few. These organizations all share one effective strategy: a winning health tech PR plan. 

Creating successful health tech public relations strategies first requires defining your organization’s mission and message and aligning it with brand strategy. Then, content marketing is leveraged to tell that story across a variety of formats — from press releases, white papers, blogs and op-ed pieces to webinars, social media, podcasts and videos. Read on to explore how to identify the right public relations tactics for your brand.

Reasons Choosing the Right PR Strategy for Health Tech Is Crucial

The amount of public relations tactics available today is as vast as the number of health tech organizations emerging in the healthcare industry. To stand out in an increasingly saturated space, it’s important to identify the right public relations strategies that will allow you to:

Inform Audiences of Your Mission, Products and Services

An effective public relations strategy distinguishes your technology from its competition. What makes your organization unique from other health systems? What are its greatest strengths? The answers to these questions should be the guiding light of your public relations plan.

Increase Brand Awareness

From statistics and inspiring stories to research and innovative products and services, when your message is shared through credible third sources, your brand awareness and trust elevate too.

Establish Thought Leadership

The stars behind every piece of technology are the people who created them and the people who benefit from them. Showcase leadership talent, technology success and healthcare provider and consumer stories to boost brand awareness and highlight what makes your organization unique.

Influence Key Decisionmakers

Savvy public relations tactics can help your organization share its message in ways that resonate with every stakeholder.

What Makes a Health Tech PR Plan Effective?

A successful public relations plan is comprehensive, well-researched and omnichannel in approach. Keep the following elements in mind when building an effective health tech PR strategy:

Refined Messaging and Branding

First things first: who are you and what are trying to convey? Before you can effectively tell your brand’s story, you need to nail down key points and messaging. Cohesive, defined messaging and branding are what sets your brand apart from your competition.

Compelling Content Marketing

Content marketing is how you package and share that message in different ways and through various channels to effectively resonate with audiences. It’s how you inspire, engage, build rapport, collect leads, cultivate brand champions and ultimately convince your audience to take action. 

Strategic Digital Elements

You already know your audience is spending a considerable amount of time online — but where? Where are they looking to connect and what are they missing in their health and wellness routine? Answer those two questions by leveraging digital elements — social media content, search engine optimization (SEO), web content and more. 

Using Public Relations to Beat Your Health Tech Competitors in 2023

What’s the key to succeeding in an increasingly competitive medical marketing landscape? In short, third-party endorsement from the media and important influencers. That’s the secret sauce that plays a critical role in developing brand awareness, promoting thought leadership and creating demand in the marketplace.

Effective modern PR requires trusted reporter and influencer relationships, an eye for a story, a knack for amplification and a lot of persistence. Bring it all together and you have a dynamic strategy that stands up to the communications challenges of the moment. At Communications Strategy Group (CSG®), we call it a “content value exchange” — and it’s all about creating a streamlined effort that champions story ideas reporters and influencers will find interesting and extends the life and usefulness of every story.

FAQs About Health Technology Public Relations

How is digital media used in health tech public relations?

The question is no longer whether online engagement is necessary — it’s finding the best approach. The potential for digital media is tremendous in health tech PR strategies. From digital ads and social media to video and blogs, digital media can be leveraged to meet your audiences at the right time with the right message. 

How can a health tech PR agency help you?

The right health tech PR agency will be able to thread your organization’s mission and vision through compelling content creation and strategic digital marketing channels to effectively engage with key audiences and achieve your marketing objectives. As a PR and content marketing agency well-versed in the health tech space, CSG asks the right questions to uncover the right solutions and push the limits of what’s possible. 

How to measure the ROI of a health tech PR campaign?

Calculating return on investment, or ROI, is one of the best ways to measure the effectiveness of your health tech PR strategy. Return on investment compares the profit that resulted from a public relations campaign to how much the campaign cost to create and deploy. 

The basic ROI calculation is: ROI = (Net Profit/Total Cost) x 100

Ready To Elevate Your Brand With a Winning Health Tech PR Strategy?

Public relations is your chance to join important conversations, tell your story in compelling ways that resonate with key audiences, differentiate it from competing health systems and cultivate long-term brand champions. A leader in the healthcare and wellness industries, CSG is a purpose-built strategic public relations and content marketing agency that understands industry nuances and delivers results.

Contact us today to discover how the CSG team can help your organization design and execute a personalized health technology public relations strategy that bolsters your bottom line.