We Are Wellness.
More than a wellness PR and content marketing agency.

Communications Strategy Group’s (CSG®) wellness team is a leader in strategic communications and marketing solutions. Our work in this industry is both a pursuit of passion and an outgrowth of our expertise. From PR, brand communications and content marketing to social media, digital marketing and reputation management, we’re a wellness marketing agency with the insights and experience to make an impact within the robust and rapidly expanding health and wellness industry.

The days of our understanding of health as a purely medical state of being are long gone. Indeed, brands and consumers alike have recognized the growing need for a holistic approach that takes into account our overall wellness. It’s not just how we’re doing, but how we feel. Everything from our mental health to our nutrition, fitness and mind and body alignment can fall under the umbrella of states of being that impact how we feel and move through each day. Brands and innovators now work every day to create new consumer products and solutions that help their customers say, “I feel good.” 

But even the most incredible brands can experience hurdles rising above the swell of competition and getting their product into the hands of people that need it. That’s where health and wellness marketing companies come into play. Expert teams can help exceptional clients navigate industry complexities and competition with sophisticated marketing, positioning and branding strategies that meet audiences where they are.


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  • Employee Wellness & Workforce Health
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  • Nonprofits, Associations & Foundations
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We Know Wellness

High quality marketing strategy for wellness brands requires a unique approach. Where most industries can count on special offers and incentives to create motivation, wellness marketing campaigns require brands to pull different levers. Wellness is extremely personal. Similar to health-based decisions, connecting with audiences requires authenticity, emotional intelligence, and often, multiple touchpoints. Wellness is rarely about a transaction, it’s often about making a lifestyle change or embracing a new challenge. Encouraging an audience to take such steps requires comprehensive, insightful strategies. To achieve this, many brands turn to a wellness marketing company, such as CSG. We use a unique combination of behavioral insights and research-informed tactics to move the needle for your company.

We are people first. We’re not just wellness marketers. We’re wellness consumers. We’re inspired by the brands we work with and understand the complexity of deciding to reach out to a mental health expert, consulting a nutritionist, trying a new exercise regimen or otherwise making a change. We reflect on all of these wide ranging experiences when we develop campaigns and messages for our clients, because we know authenticity matters. 

We embrace ethos. Wellness is not just a people business. It’s also an emotional business. Our clients help their customers make tremendous strides in their lives and live well. Their stories are inspiring, transformational, and yes, emotional. Target audiences navigating a challenge or hoping to make a change need to see themselves reflected in the stories brands share, they need to hear that they are not just another sale, and they need to know that it’s true. Our team maps consumer experiences, behaviors and emotions to ensure every touchpoint rings true.

We apply behavior design. Real talk: wellness marketing is just as complex as healthcare marketing. It requires a comprehensive, replicable approach that aligns your brand identity and mission with your audience’s goals and passions. CSG uses a behavior design-informed approach to marketing that taps into intrinsic motivation to engage audiences based on shared values and insights that spark action. 

Our Wellness Services

What we know about your industry is only half the story. There’s also what we can do for your business. CSG is a full-service marketing and PR agency that offers industry expertise across every essential discipline:

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Client Testimonials

holiday retirement logo

What impresses me most is that they take personal pride in their work. They get the job done on time and on budget, and they actually care about delivering the best product possible.

Brian K. Fawkes Director, Corporate Communications, Holiday Retirement
national stroke association logo

We partnered with CSG this year as we launched our national event series. CSG secured numerous promotional opportunities with print, radio and TV media, but also created high caliber content that we used for promotion within our own network. CSG is responsive, open to feedback and works hard to ensure that we exceeded our goals.

Crystal Blaylock Sr. Manager, Development, National Stroke Association
National Multiple Sclerosis Society

The specialized professionals at CSG have deep communications expertise and understand what activities and opportunities will have the greatest impact.

Ron Zwerin Executive Vice President, Marketing, Brand & Communications, National MS Society