Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) is an award-winning strategic communications consultancy that develops and executes metrics-driven marketing communications solutions that tie directly to achieving clients’ overall business objectives. CSG’s solutions are built upon three pillars that energize and optimize campaigns.

At the heart of CSG’s solutions is its signature “content value exchange” approach that is designed to create, package, distribute and promote rich content-based experiences that deliver innate value to stakeholders that compel them to exchange their information, engagement, patronage and loyalty. 

The second pillar contemplates and engages the entire ecosystem of influencers, stakeholders and customers, both online and offline, that can impact the success or failure of your mission—influencer relations.

And the third pillar is impact analysis to learn from failure and optimize success. CSG’s strategic communications solutions are powered by a team of the industry’s brightest communications professionals, that are workhorses, not show horses, who build genuine relationships with clients and exceed expectations.

our vision

“First Choice” among talent and clients, and ensure our clients are “First Choice” among their stakeholders

our mission

Creating an environment of inspired people activating opportunities