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Combining Education PR and Digital Marketing Puts Global Library Nonprofit in the Spotlight

For the re-launch of OCLC’s signature resource, WorldCat.org, CSG built a custom go-to-market plan around public relations and digital marketing. 

Finding the Perfect Balance with OCLC

The Strategy

We started by developing a custom go-to-market strategy for WorldCat.org with audience research, behavior design and customer journey mapping. With their WorldCat.org promotions, OCLC hoped to achieve four goals:

  • Increase sticky traffic on WorldCat.org 
  • Generate new WorldCat.org user profiles 
  • Create new reading lists from WorldCat.org users 
  • Gather data to identify successful strategies and inform future campaigns 
Figuring out where OCLC’s audiences resided, what motivated them, and what their online habits were illuminated several paths to the company’s objectives. CSG’s education strategists recommended a cross-channel, interdisciplinary campaign built on three pillars: 

Public Relations 

Digital Marketing

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Influencer Engagement

And we identified two distinct opportunities to apply those disciplines: 

Branded Promotions

Timely Promotions

The Execution

Over the next year, CSG executed the WorldCat.org go-to-market strategy for OCLC, leveraging multiple channels and activations to make the campaign robust, resilient and rich in actionable analytics. With seven timely campaigns — including Earth Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Women’s History Month — and tactics ranging from digital marketing to traditional education PR, we put a spotlight on WorldCat.org among the audiences most likely to use it. 

Paid Media Tactics: 

  • Programmatic display and native 
  • Paid Social – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest 
  • SEM 
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Influencer Tactics:

  • Testimonials and recommendations to niche audiences 
  • Social media channels and blogs 

Earned Media Tactics: 

  • Press releases 
  • Media outreach

The Payoff of Education PR and Digital Marketing

Over the course of the campaign, CSG’s omnichannel education PR and digital marketing efforts brought in exactly what OCLC hoped it would: increased sticky traffic, new WorldCat.org users, new reading lists and support from high-profile academics, organizations and influencers. 

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website visits

new accounts

media mentions

total estimated prospective readers

Influencer Mentions

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