We Are Renewable Energy & Sustainability.
More than a renewable energy and sustainability PR and content marketing agency.

Communications Strategy Group’s (CSG®) renewable energy and sustainability team is a leader in strategic communications and marketing solutions. Our work in this industry ranges from PR, community engagement, public affairs, brand communications and content marketing to social media and reputation management for the sustainability and renewable energy industry.

Why Marketing for Sustainable & Renewable Energy is Important

There’s marketing, and then there is marketing custom built to meet the demands, challenges and opportunities inherent in an emerging and sophisticated industry. Sustainable and renewable energy brands need more than a funding announcement and some mailers — though both have a place in a comprehensive plan — they need tactics that move the needle on specific, educated audiences for a variety of objectives. As a trusted partner and strategic advisor to our clients, we keep up with the latest industry trends and continuously nurture our relationships with key renewable energy and sustainability reporters and influencers. But that’s only a portion of our work. Whether our engagement is focused primarily on lead acquisition for solar panels or a renewable energy public relations campaign designed to challenge our dependence on fossil fuels, the tenets of our content marketing philosophy inform our approach. That’s why our team maintains a comprehensive understanding of how to get important decision makers, such as consumers, policymakers, intermediaries and B2B leaders, to engage and take action.

  • Solar Power Energy
    – Residential Homes
    – Utility-scale Systems
    – Commercial Businesses
  • Wind Energy
    – Public Utility
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • ESG Investing
  • Carbon Tax
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainability Associations
  • Public Affairs
  • Advocacy and Awareness
  • Green Building Certification
  • Clean Tech
  • Battery Storage and
    Energy Transmission
  • Environmental Activist Response, Engagement,
    and Planning

What Is Marketing for Sustainable & Renewable Energy?

Sustainable and renewable energy marketing goes beyond the standard marketing mix to bring another level of sophistication and industry specification to the way brands engage with prospective customers and champions. Doing this well requires deep understanding of both strategic marketing communications and the nuances of sustainable and renewable energy. Savvy brands will engage with partners able to apply specialized knowledge and insight to purpose-build a marketing plan.

We Know Renewable Energy & Sustainability

Renewable energy and sustainability PR is a long-standing area of practice and passion for CSG. Our dedication to the space is balanced by our investment in the positive outcomes the world needs and the rich conversations and challenges we can help companies navigate.

We are informed and inspired.
With decades of experience working with some of the world’s largest renewable energy companies, leading sustainability associations and corporations focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, we understand the need for an agency partner that’s not only passionate, but also industry-tested. Our team is inspired by work in this space and has the capabilities necessary to align positive environmental impact with tangible business results. 

We are dynamic and flexible.
Our work ranges from successfully activating authentic grassroots support and getting renewable energy projects approved and over the finish line, to building awareness of ESG corporate initiatives. We develop and implement marketing and communications programs to generate retail, utility scale and commercial business sales leads. 

We are seasoned and insightful.
Whether influencing policy changes for cleaner air and water or promoting new sustainable energy technologies, our team is a proven strategic partner for sustainability content marketing and renewable energy PR initiatives ranging from local impact to global conversations. We’re proud that our work in this space has been making a difference on behalf of our planet and its people for years, and we welcome the opportunity to do more.

Our Marketing Specialties for Sustainable & Renewable Energy

What we know about your industry is only half the story. There’s also what we can do for your business. CSG is a full-service sustainability and renewable marketing and PR agency that offers industry expertise across every essential discipline: