We Are Aerospace & Aviation.
More than an aerospace and aviation PR and content marketing agency.

Communications Strategy Group’s (CSG®) aerospace and aviation team is a global leader in B2B and B2C strategic communications and marketing solutions. As the aerospace and aviation industries continue to innovate and expand, so too has the need for the players in those industries to have a sophisticated and knowledgeable communications and marketing agency. The right partner in aviation and space industry marketing can make or break the conversation around a brand and its achievements.

Today’s aerospace and aviation companies are competing within an increasingly complex and competitive business landscape. To succeed, they must actively engage with decision makers and important stakeholders ranging from Wall Street investors and journalists to customers and policymakers. Our aviation and aerospace public relations and marketing team provides its clients with a strategic and integrated approach to marketing, corporate communications, investor focused media relations, crisis communications, content marketing and social media.

We help companies across the aerospace and aviation industries, including:


  • Spacecraft Manufacturers
  • Commercial Aerospace Manufacturers
  • Satellite Communications
  • Space Logistics and Infrastructure
  • Rocket Propulsion Systems
  • Space Launch Services
  • Space Tourism
  • Geospatial Imagery


  • Commercial Aircraft Developers
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs)
  • Business Jet Manufacturers 
  • Airline Industry 
  • Airports 
  • Aviation Suppliers and Technology Providers

We Know Aerospace & Aviation

Aviation and aerospace public relations and marketing strategy is an area of emphasis and enthusiasm for CSG. Our dedication to these projects is fueled by the incredible innovation in both industries that has resulted in such tremendous advances and narratives in recent decades. We enjoy the work not only for the opportunity to advance our client’s business objectives, but also for the chance to be a small part of an exhilarating and defining era for the industry.

Our portfolio of clients and experience ranges from helping the first supersonic commercial airline OEM generate global top-tier media coverage to handling communications for the leader in space logistics infrastructure and from spearheading aviation public relations and communications strategy for a leading private jet manufacturer to supporting initiatives from governmental organizations such as NASA.

We are insightful and passionate.
Our track record as an aerospace and aviation public relations firm is no accident. We’ve engaged in these industries time and again because we care about the work and we have a deep understanding of the industry. We believe that the intersection of industry expertise and genuine passion is where meaningful impact happens.

We are nimble and modern.
We know that innovative industries demand innovative approaches. We blend proven marketing and public relations tactics with digital marketing initiatives and cutting edge techniques to keep our clients in the news, in good stead with industry leaders and in the minds of customers.

We are experienced and enthusiastic.
As an established aerospace and aviation marketing agency, we’ve had the pleasure of working with brands at the forefront of pioneering innovations and essential operations alike. No matter the challenge, we have the experience to develop and execute a successful strategy.