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Who You Know Matters: Influencer Relationships

We’ve been industry-focused since the start. Based on decades of experience in fostering relationships with top-tier outlets, reporters and influencers, we have the know-how to connect wellness brands with PR opportunities. In addition to traditional media and reporters, we have a range of other options that enable us to leverage the influence of a wide array of channels.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Effective public relations in the wellness industry is a tale of two fundamental initiatives: proactive and reactive.


This story is yours to tell, so take charge and guide the narrative. With a team of internal subject matter experts at the ready and consistent ideation around your most powerful stories, we work hard to keep your company in the conversation and relevant to the people that matter the most.


When big stories break, we’re ready to make sure your organization’s experts are at the center stage to share perspectives, provide insights and solidify your brand as a thought leader.

media training

Get your message out and protect the company’s reputation through the development of effective offensive and defensive strategies.

the Shark cage

A messaging framework that ensures spokespeople stay on message and represent the brand effectively, even in difficult situations.


We have a speaker proposal library that helps us discover and secure speaking opportunities at top health and wellness conferences. Additionally, we offer conference support by arranging meetings with important media members and creating any supporting conference materials.

contributed content

Tap into the growing demand for articles penned by experts through our byline development and pitching process.

coverage optimization

The strategic placement of content is just the beginning: bylines become social posts, interviews become video clips and part of future pitch packages.

Case Studies

Insights. Influencers. Intellect.

Trends. Commentary. Analysis. You’ll find them all here.