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More than a senior services and senior living PR and content marketing agency.

Effectively marketing senior living and care services demands a delicate art/science balance of authenticity, emotional intelligence, and a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s many challenges and opportunities. A senior living marketing agency can help.

An exciting space that helps people in a profound moment of evolving change, senior services organizations — and the senior services and senior living marketing agencies they work with — are tasked with communicating to target audiences by exhibiting a range of powerful emotions. From inspired retirees rediscovering their passions and designing the lives of their dreams to adult children navigating difficult conversations around family and senior care, the nuances of aging well cannot be overlooked.

Communicating the senior living experience in its entirety requires honoring a spectrum of feelings, acknowledging unique hurdles, and celebrating momentous family milestones. To connect cutting-edge products and helpful services and resources to the audiences that need them most, senior services and senior living organizations must prioritize behavior design and focus on motivating factors.

How do you break down physical and emotional barriers that keep prospective residents from embracing a senior living community? How do you effectively market technologies that help seniors age in place? How do you best promote healthcare services that can transform the lives of seniors and their families?

Inspiring and connecting with unique older adult audiences who are navigating great changes requires comprehensive, insightful, and personalized senior care marketing strategies.

As a healthcare and wellness marketing agency, Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) specializes in robust brand communications, content marketing, digital marketing strategies, and other personalized marketing services. We operate with the perspective that every piece of content has a job, we work strategically to deliver impactful messaging and storytelling that resonates with target audiences and helps senior care brands and organizations in the senior living market achieve their business goals.

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Client Testimonials

Nova Logo

CSG took the time to understand our organization. They continue to remain curious about who we are, what we do and what makes us different. The CSG team is made up of excellent listeners, talented strategists, creative writers and skilled collaborators. CSG has been able to walk us through a brand refresh, helping us to brighten and clarify our language and graphics. Through every step of our engagement, they have aimed to understand our story and support us in telling it in a way that has created renewed excitement for our products and helped us build the foundation for a smarter marketing strategy.

Sara Fluskey Director of Marketing & Communications at Nova
national stroke association logo

We partnered with CSG this year as we launched our national event series. CSG secured numerous promotional opportunities with print, radio and TV media, but also created high caliber content that we used for promotion within our own network. CSG is responsive, open to feedback and works hard to ensure that we exceeded our goals.

Crystal Blaylock Sr. Manager, Development, National Stroke Association

CSG’s communications expertise is exceptional. However, what is truly impressive is what they bring to the table beyond PR, like strategic partnerships and business development acumen. CSG’s a true partner.

Chris Antoline Director of Campus Partnerships, GRIT Digital Health
holiday retirement logo

What impresses me most is that they take personal pride in their work. They get the job done on time and on budget, and they actually care about delivering the best product possible.

Brian K. Fawkes Director, Corporate Communications, Holiday Retirement

We Know Senior Services and Senior Living

We all interact with senior services on a personal level, but never in the same way. Whether we’re navigating the senior living experience for ourselves, helping a loved one access products that give them the freedom and confidence to age in place, or are pursuing services to aid in the unique health challenges that come from aging, senior services provide life-changing offerings and technologies. Like in every other chapter, senior services cater to an extremely personal stage of life full of contradictions — vulnerable yet confident, uncertain yet excited and full of joy and a tinge of sadness.

Motivated by the understanding that aging is a supreme privilege that comes with unique challenges and opportunities, CSG designs meaningful strategies and crafts compelling messages across personalized touchpoints that resonate with target audiences and achieve results. As a leading senior care marketing agency, CSG develops personalized communications strategies that help senior services organizations raise their bottom line — helping more seniors confidently and safely live their best lives.

  • We understand the complex challenges facing the senior services and senior living industry.
    From fear of the unknown to navigating difficult family situations, we understand the challenges of your target audiences, because we experience them too. We marry personal experience with our professional insight and industry expertise to effectively communicate to your current and prospective audiences.
  • We stay up-to-date on the industry’s latest technology and trends.
    Emerging products and services in the senior services space are transforming the way older adults are living their lives, equipping them with more choices, freedom and independence than ever before. Our seasoned team knows how to navigate new industry technology.
  • We blend strategic solutions with behavior design to break down senior services barriers.
    Lead nurture is about getting people to take action. But too frequently, marketers are so focused on the end behavior — the purchase — that they neglect the small actions along the way that make it easier for a prospective customer to ultimately convert. Behavior design fills that gap. When mapping out content for a nurture path, CSG taps into audiences’ emotional journeys to create the resources needed to overcome barriers — either motivating them to act or increasing their ability to move forward.