clutch badge: clients say we deliver on clutchEach year, Clutch, a B2B researcher and reviewer, conducts an audit of agencies around the country to create its “Top” lists. This year, Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) is proud to be included on two of those lists: corporate communications firms and crisis communications firms. Our agency was named the top corporate communications firm and took the third place spot for crisis communications.

It’s a tremendous privilege for us to do work that we love and that we believe is important, and that holds even more true when we can count ourselves in the company of the other Clutch honorees.

We’ve always believed that all business problems are ultimately communications problems, which is why our definition of strategic communications accounts for everything from PR and content marketing to branding and influencer relations, among other disciplines. Our philosophy is that the best plan is always the one that cuts directly to the root of a problem, rather than serves only as a temporary band-aid. We call it Solving for Why, and with that goal in mind, we blend industry expertise and technical and creative capabilities to purpose-build solutions for our clients.

Over the years, our approach has proved particularly impactful in crisis and corporate communications as these opportunities challenge us to look past the reactive and toward authentic messages that resonate in both the short- and long-term. We always tell new team members and clients that we love business problems. It’s only later that we get to watch them understand why we love problems — usually after the first time they witness the transformation of a challenge into an opportunity.

Those are the kinds of client successes that get us out of bed, excited to come to work each day. We’ve long held the opinion that we’re at our highest and best use when we can be strategic partners to our clients, and the recognition from Clutch tells us that the value here is real and recognized.

So please, consider this a formal invitation: Tell us your problems, we want to hear them!