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Showcasing the Craft of Rum Distilling

Communications Strategy Group (CSG) leads influencer and content strategy for Montanya Distillers, including media pitching and blog creation. CSG also helped manage the publication of Montanya’s first cocktail book.

Montanya has incredible stories to share: from being led by Karen Hoskin, one of few women in distilling, to making rum in the mountains, and incorporating sustainability into all business decisions.

CSG is honored to tell these stories and has helped secure coverage in many national, regional, and trade outlets including: MSN, Yahoo! Travel, USA Today, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Liquor.com, MicroShiner, and Good Spirits News.

Bringing Stories to Life

To help tell Montanya’s stories beyond the media, CSG also helped start a recurring Bartender Series blog, where Montanya’s favorite bartenders are highlighted. These blog posts consistently increase traffic to Montanya.com and increase social media engagements as well.

From Blogs to Books

CSG played a key role in bringing to life Montanya’s cocktail book, overseeing the creation of Elevated Cocktails, which is one of the best sellers at Montanya’s distillery in Crested Butte, Colorado.

CSG has served as a valuable extension of Montanya’s team, serving as a go-to resource for communication strategy, insights, and creative ideas. In addition, to this support, CSG has also helped secure nearly 200 media hits in 2015, including traditional outlets and blogs, totaling close to 23 million impressions.



  • Garnered nearly 23 million impressions in 2015
  • Generated close to 200 media hits, including traditional outlets and blogs
  • Lead the publishing of “Elevated Cocktails: Craft Bartending with Montanya Rum”
"As a business owner, I have over 100 different partners that make my business function. But I don't have one single partnership that is as satisfying, consistent, and high-quality as the one with CSG. I am grateful every day that they make it so easy and constantly beneficial for me."
-Karen Hoskins, CEO & Owner of Montanya Distillers

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