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CSG Assists in Launch of EdTech Company to Dominate the Higher Education Market

Quottly, the most comprehensive course and program sharing platform in higher education, engaged Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) to elevate its awareness and drive demand among higher education institutions. This is where our higher education public relations and strategic marketing experts were put to work.

Solving for Quottly’s Why

How do you cause a disruption without derailing processes and stalling progress?
Let’s look at Quottly.

Quottly’s ability to deliver integrated course and program sharing infrastructure and technology that enables institutions to create new pathways to student success, solve transfer challenges, fill empty seats, and eliminate manual processes was a completely new concept for higher education to grasp and, ultimately, adopt. Quottly turned to CSG to elevate its awareness and drive demand among higher education institutions as a platform with strategic solutions that would solve student and institutional challenges.

Quottly’s Solutions

Course and
Program Sharing

Transfer Articulation Management


With Quottly’s approach and solutions being so new to higher education, in order to ultimately raise awareness of Quottly and position it as a thought leader, we first needed to educate the market on these solutions and their benefits. This focus was the driver of our strategic public relations and marketing activities that our education team implemented to secure successful outcomes for Quottly.

Digital Marketing Strategies Boost Visibility and Fuel Demand Generation

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Establish thought leadership and brand awareness

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Strategic Research Highlights An Urgency in Overcoming On-Time Completion Hurdles within Higher Education

To build upon the awareness generated from the thought leadership webinar, CSG further developed Quottly’s thought leadership platform with research that surveyed current college students and recent college graduates from both two- and four-year institutions to uncover their largest barriers to completion.

Thought Leadership and Awareness Soar as Quottly Harnesses the Power of Earned Media in Higher Education

CSG strategically applied earned media outreach to secure coverage of Quottly’s infographic and white paper, which effectively cultivated thought leadership, bolstered credibility, and increased awareness of Quottly among its target audience. By securing coverage in higher education trades, Quottly not only demonstrated a sense of urgency in the market to address on-time completion barriers but also positioned itself as a leading authority in the higher education sector. 

Not only was the earned media coverage that CSG secured for Quottly related to the packaged webinar insights and research findings, but institutions working with Quottly were leveraged to communicate the transformation and improvements Quottly’s solutions enabled. 

Awards and Recognitions Solidify Quottly’s Leadership in Higher Education

CSG’s comprehensive higher education public relations and strategic marketing expertise was invaluable in meeting and exceeding Quottly’s goals and objectives.

EdTech Digest’s 2022 EdTech Awards

  • Winner: Digital Courseware Solution
  • Finalist: Higher Education Solution

2022 Eduventures Higher Education Technology Landscape

  • Student Success and Instruction
  • Course Registration and Degree Planning Solutions
  • Student Mobility Solutions

CSG’s comprehensive higher education public relations and strategic marketing expertise have been invaluable in helping Quottly dominate the higher education market. It’s this positioning of Quottly that led to their acquisition from Parchment in 2023, a digital transcript and credential sharing company, who was later acquired by Instructure, a leading learning management system. 

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