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Taking Community Banking National with Financial Services PR Solutions

CSG harnessed B2B and B2C public relations solutions to catapult an innovative financial services company onto the national stage, enabling it to attract new customers and build market share.

new account openings

local markets launched

broadcast and print stories secured in national and banking media outlets

unique visitors to Kasasa’s website from one well-placed CNBC story

Solving for Kasasa’s Why

Many smaller banks and credit unions today are struggling to distinguish their brands against the national banking giants and new FinTech companies. With its branded checking, savings and loan products, Kasasa drives profit and growth for community financial institutions, helping these local banks and credit unions compete for their rightful share of the market.

Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) was tapped to help launch Kasasa to both community financial institutions and to consumers. This double mandate required our financial services PR consulting experts to develop innovative campaigns for Business to Business (B2B) impact as well as Business to Consumer (B2C) awareness.

CSG’s experienced public relations consultants positioned Kasasa as the leader in world-class marketing and financial products for the community banking and credit union industry. We created wildly successful consumer campaigns that ensured Kasasa’s banking and credit union clients succeeded in attracting and retaining more of their own customers.

Taking Local and National Media by Storm

B2C campaigns hit nationally and locally.

On the consumer front, CSG designed and executed a series of award-winning PR solutions that boosted Kasasa onto the national stage and drove account openings at the local level. Our PR consulting included innovative experiential campaigns that took national and local media markets by storm.

A full sweep of press outlets.

National media outlets, including The TODAY Show, CNN, New York Times, Fox Business News, CNBC and USA Today, covered the community banking movement with a spotlight on Kasasa. B2B stories in banking publications, such as American Banker and Credit Union Times, boosted awareness of Kasasa with prospective new financial institution clients.

40/40 media markets cover Kasasa.

One of the keystone campaigns was a two-day, nationwide gas station takeover event titled “Take Back Your Banking” in 40 major markets. The campaign featured local bank presidents rolling up their sleeves and pumping free gas for more than 8,000 consumers. The experiential events resulted in print, broadcast and radio coverage in all 40 markets, as well as top-tier national media coverage.

Extending the Conversation Beyond the Press

Boosting thought leadership and industry recognition.

In addition to sweeping the nation’s media markets with its successful PR services, CSG also launched the first Consumer Banking Insights Study with Nielsen Research. This helped to accelerate Kasasa’s thought leadership and industry recognition, with coverage in trade publications and invitations to present at industry conferences.

Generating results across B2B markets.

CSG’s campaigns generated numerous inquiries from community financial institutions for Kasasa’s services, and top personal finance influencers recognized Kasasa as a leader in financial services technology. CSG also helped Kasasa deliver PR solutions to more than 200 community banks by pooling their resources to gain national attention and local brand awareness in their home markets.

Flyer from 2013 displaying a promotion for free gas

We’ve seen a frenzy of activity from this piece, consumers going on Kasasa.com (and calling our call center) to find out how and where they can get a Kasasa account, and financial institutions inquiring how they can offer it as well!

Carrie Dolan, EVP, Kasasa

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